Television Whitenoise: The Mandalorian

December 3, 2019 musehick

I like the pace at which this story unpacks. There have been points in the main movies where I have felt that too many disparate threads have led to parts of the story being truncated. I’m not a massive fan Read more…



April 3, 2018 musehick

I don’t know if it is just me, but this show comes across as kinda dumb pretending to be smart. There are some actors in here that are pretty good, but there is something a little flat about everything that Read more…

My Top TV In 2017

December 31, 2017 musehick

001. Twin Peaks: The Return 002. The Handmaid’s Tale 003. Master Of None Season 2 004. Ozark 005. American Gods 006. Stranger Things Season 2 007. Transparent Season 4 008. Dear White People 009. Neo Yokio 010. Mindhunter 011. The Read more…

Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil Season 3

January 29, 2019 musehick

It is a real shame that this series is not continuing. It was interesting to see the opposition of motion versus stillness in this season as an indicator of who was winning. When Kingpin is on top he is calm, Read more…

iron fist

The Iron Fist Season 2

September 9, 2018 musehick

The Iron Fist has obviously had one of the more problematic journeys to the small screen. Was it less problematic when it was created? Maybe. It was created at a point when there was a huge interest in martial arts, Read more…

shipwreck by warren ellis

Shipwreck by Warren Ellis & Phil Hester

August 4, 2018 musehick

I was sold on the book from the first image I saw of it. I buy and read pretty much everything Warren Ellis writes, so I would have found it anyway, and I subscribe to his letter, which is an Read more…

Comicsphere: Firelight Isle by Paul Duffield

September 19, 2016 skullcull

Paul Duffield, the great artist that worked on Warren Ellis’s Freakangels is working on this great new project, which you should go and check out.

Anthony Bourdain

Looking Forward: Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

June 4, 2021 musehick

It is not any secret that I love Anthony Bourdain and his work. I have watched all of A Cook’s Tour, The Layover, Raw Craft and Parts Unknown, and I am most of the way through No Reservations. I am Read more…

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

July 19, 2020 musehick

Do we need Tom Hanks in Mr Rogers drag? I’m not sure we do. I watched Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and I fell in love with the message that Fred Rogers wanted people to understand. The great thing about Read more…


Top 50 Films Of 2019

January 2, 2020 musehick

UsJojo RabbitAvengers EndgameToy Story 4GlassAlita: Battle AngelCaptain MarvelOnce Upon A Time In HollywoodIt 2MidsommarMarriage Story 12.The Transparent MusicalThe Steven Universe MovieAnimaShazam!Dolemite Is My NameAeronautsI Am MotherEl CaminoThe LaundromatLate NightDeadwood MovieTwo PopesThe Tomorrow ManKlausPaddletonYesterdayDoctor Who: ResolutionJohn Wick 3: ParabellumHitsville: The Making Read more…

Daniel Blake

Film Hick: I, Daniel Blake by Ken Loach (2016)

May 1, 2019 musehick

Ken Loach shines a light into the hearts and minds of the working class in England. The struggle highlighted here is one with the doublethink system of Job Seeker’s Allowance and Benefits – something familiar with anyone that has lived Read more…

bob dylan

Rebellious Jukebox: Bob Dylan – Pretty Saro

August 10, 2013 skullcull

Pretty Saro by Bob Dylan This song has been in Columbia’s vaults for the past 43 years. It’s a lovely little song that refutes that often made assertion that Dylan can’t sing. I really enjoyed this, give it a listen!

vote for national snack

April 13, 2010 skullcull

go and support national snack on storm the vote! hey, if you like good music, and if you don’t well, er, that’s kinda weird, but if you do vote for this great band by clicking here

rebellious jukebox: radiophonic workshop

March 25, 2010 skullcull

I don’t usually just recycle things which I come across on the internet, but Warren Ellis has been posting a lot of things about Delia Derbyshire this week, and sitting there watching the above documentary and listening to the music Read more…

Podsphere: The Main Satellite

June 7, 2021 musehick

Go and check out this great podcast from Tamarcus Kornegay, featuring my good friend Broadie Thornton. It starts off with 4 part deep dive on Narcissism, Social Media, and A-Holes. Some interesting insights and some good humour.