Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Hayao Miyazaki

Looking Forward: A New Hayao Miyazaki Movie

November 27, 2021 musehick

The Wind Rises had looked to be the last thing that we were going to get from Hayao Miyazaki, after his retirement was announced. He had been involved in the slightest of ways in the “planning” of his son, GoruMiyazaki’s Read more…

The Matrix Resurrections

Looking Forward: Matrix Resurrections

November 20, 2021 musehick

This new poster captures the energy you want to see from a Matrix movie. I liked the sequels we got before. I am not sure they could ever have matched up the expectations generated by the first movie, but for Read more…

Old M Night Shymalan

Film Hick: Old

November 26, 2021 musehick

I read some reviews of this movie that said that it moves too quickly for you to feel anything for the characters. I think that speed of storytelling dumps you right there on the beach with the characters of the Read more…

Prisoners Of The Ghostland

Film Hick: Prisoners Of The Ghostland


When you let Nicholas Cage loose and he in scene-chewing mode you need something solid for him to connect with. If Cage swings and hits against nothing substantial then the whole act feels just as paper-thin. This seems like something Read more…

No Time To Die

Film Hick: No Time To Die


I for one will be sad to Daniel Craig hang up the role of Bond and walk away. I think he managed to straddle the line of making him feel realer and remaining true to the character. Previous to that, Read more…


Film Hick: Jagged


My respect for Alanis Morrisette increases every time I hear her talk. Seeing how smart she was from the outset of her career was part of the story I had not looked into, but it doesn’t really surprise me. Seeing Read more…

We Are Lady Parts

Rebellious Jukebox: We Are Lady Parts

December 4, 2021 musehick

I have to admit I discovered the music through Spotify and wasn’t aware that they were a band from a sitcom. Based on that knowledge the music here isn’t bad. The first song I heard really made me think of Read more…

FKA Twigs

Rebellious Jukebox: FKA Twigs (feat. Central Cee) — Measure of a Man

December 1, 2021 musehick

This is the best Bond theme not for a Bond movie. FKA Twigs creates a sexy and sophisticated song that is a real earworm. I hope the movie The King’s Man is good, but even if it isn’t this song Read more…

Adele 30

Rebellious Jukebox: Adele 30

November 21, 2021 musehick

On first listen I found this sonically more interesting than the last record, but it was not an easy album to listen too. I heard Adele talking to Zane Lowe about some of the influences on the sound, and I Read more…

The Sparks Brothers

Film Hick: The Sparks Brothers

November 18, 2021 musehick

This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us — that is pretty much all Sparks meant to me before this dictionary; that and Ron Mael’s moustache. I had been teeing it up to buy a lot of their Read more…


Television Whitenoise: Insecure

January 18, 2022 musehick

I love this show. I have landed on these seasons and binged them as soon as they land. Issa Rae is amazing. I love Issa, Molly, Kelli, Tiffany, Lawrence. I love all the characters.The show is able to be both Read more…

Cowboy Bebop

Television Whitenoise: Cowboy Bebop

November 20, 2021 musehick

I wanted to like it. I wanted it not to be an empty bit of shininess like Ghost In The Shell. It looks good. Mostly. But that really does seems to be it. I’m going to add a disclaimer — Read more…

Doctor Who: Flux

Television Whitenoise: Doctor Who — Flux

November 15, 2021 musehick

I have enjoyed Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor. I think that whenever you try and do something new you are going to upset people who only want to subsist on a diet of same ad infinitum. I hope that the supposed freefall Read more…

Oprah's Book Club

Television Whitenoise: Oprah’s Book Club


Watching Oprah back in the day I always sensed that there was something that distinguished her from other talk show hosts. Very perceptive of me, right? When I saw her act, and how brilliant she was, and every time I Read more…

Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil Season 3

January 29, 2019 musehick

It is a real shame that this series is not continuing. It was interesting to see the opposition of motion versus stillness in this season as an indicator of who was winning. When Kingpin is on top he is calm, Read more…

iron fist

The Iron Fist Season 2

September 9, 2018 musehick

The Iron Fist has obviously had one of the more problematic journeys to the small screen. Was it less problematic when it was created? Maybe. It was created at a point when there was a huge interest in martial arts, Read more…

shipwreck by warren ellis

Shipwreck by Warren Ellis & Phil Hester

August 4, 2018 musehick

I was sold on the book from the first image I saw of it. I buy and read pretty much everything Warren Ellis writes, so I would have found it anyway, and I subscribe to his letter, which is an Read more…

Comicsphere: Firelight Isle by Paul Duffield

September 19, 2016 skullcull

Paul Duffield, the great artist that worked on Warren Ellis’s Freakangels is working on this great new project, which you should go and check out.