Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Tag: art

Paul Duffield, the great artist that worked on Warren Ellis’s Freakangels is working on this great new project, which you should go and check out.

Disney was a surprise, and hipster Mickey by Jerrod Maruyama was something really cool from the gallery of original art in the center of World Of Disney. They also had print on demand customisable items, like laptop bags and other things. Some Read more…

Art with a sense of humour that works is a rare breed, and Brandon Bird’s work really hits the nail on the head. Check it out here.

This is interesting – you should definitely give it a watch. Had the same feeling for me that I remember the TV show The Owl Service having.

Click The Above Image To Go To The Site And Download The Magazine II LOVE MAGAZINE is a fun and attractive PDF Magazine full of paper art, with templates, that you will surely fall in love with.

Go here and check out these great designs. You will not be disappointed. all of you should check out the website of my friend Vince Cancasci, one of the coolest motherfuckers alive. Photography and poetry with more soul than James Brown.

Please check out Andrew Topel’s portrait site and support  a great guy and a great artist.

I meant to write something about Phonogram after reading Rue Brittania but sometimes these things just do not happen, no matter how hard you try to pull them off … you get distracted and, uh, whatever, right? Well, no, this comic needs Read more…

Issuu has some wonderful stuff on there, the above being a beautiful example