Sunday, 03 July, 2022

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  So, I needed to resurrect the Skull. Why? Because the skull represents my aesthetic sensibilities squished down into a bony little bowl and exploded out the top like an atomic bomb. It has proved to be a great way Read more…

go here and check out a little time travelling piece of flash fiction from yours truly. weaponizer is a great site with loads of up and coming independent authors and artists so you should show your appreciation and support by Read more… so, the many and multifarious reasons that you should check out the above link are numbered six and are impossible and must be done before breakfast. if you want quick-witted, lyrically sharp and fun observations on the human condition Read more… check out this great new series of podcasts from barry edwards and julie gatie

so, it’s been a while since i did anything this site, and that is kind of criminal, because i have always enjoyed the remit of this acre of cyberspace. i have been busy with; i launched a general ramble Read more…

Click the above link to go my new interview site where I speak to different, artists, writers, musicians, etc, about their current and forthcoming projects.

monkeyspank hit that motherfucking primate hard this is a flash fiction apocalypse with a sense of humour that dropped randomly out of my skull like a gleaming multi-coloured turd of wonderful

Well, farmtown kind of plateaued out for me and I got bored with it – thus far, my new addiction, Cafe World, seems to be holding my interest. In case you were thinking it – this is, in no way, Read more…

Click the above image to check out the site The writers, prizefighters & caffeine inspired all-nighters ning site has been moved to a new address and brand new bells and whistles to keep everyone’s writing experience ticking along nicely.

Please check out my friend’s site by clicking on the image above. You will find great writing on a variety of subjects that will inspire you and inform you and entertain you.