Monday, 23 May, 2022

Television Whitenoise: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Reunion

I did not expect this to be such an emotional experience, but it was. It wasn’t really about the show in a lot of ways, it was about the family of actors that came together to create it.

I mean, there were some episodes that still hit you in the feels majorly. Uncle Phil was a great man and Aunt Viv: both of them were great women. I loved and love this show, it was something I shared with a whole younger generation when I came to the States. We could all sing the theme tune. A lot of people I have known are also proficient at the Carlton dance.

Who wasn’t a little jealous of the relationship between Will and Carlton? Who didn’t want sisters like Hilary and Ashley? This show made me want to be part of a big family.

We finally found out what happened to original aunt Viv, Janet Hubert, and that moment where Will Smith and her sit down and talk for the first time in nearly thirty years is amazing … I challenge you not to ugly cry.

Talking about James Avery. The two aunt Vivs meeting. Try not to ugly cry at these two. In fact if you aren’t brim full of tears throughout the whole thing then you are a pretty stoic person and I don’t know what to say.

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