Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil Season 3
It is a real shame that this series is not continuing. It was interesting to see the opposition of motion versus stillness in this season as an indicator of who was winning. When Kingpin is on top he is calm, and the music is an extension of that. At the same time Daredevil, and his companions are frenetic. We see the same with Dex, and Agent Nadeem, moving from chaos to an apparency of order as victory and defeat move around each other, in their continual dance. As Daredevil becomes the one moving towards victory, the stillness leaches out of Wilson Fisk’s universe, and transfers into Matt’s. I understand that Disney wants to take the biggest slice of every pie that they are involved in, and so we have seen the collapse of all these shows, but I think for Vincent D’onofrio’s alone this TV Series should survive. Luke Cage was starting to get interesting. Iron Fist was starting to move away from some of its problems. Jessica Jones seems solid and reliable as it has been since it first dropped. Defenders was as patchy as the parts it was stitched together from, though the strength of some parts did lessen the weaknesses of the others. I think part of the problem with all of the shows is that sometimes complexities of character disappear when scenarios repeat, or the kind of resolution repeats. Punisher gets you punchdrunk, and Daredevil is a bit of an arsehole, who puts his friends through the wringer repeatedly, to be taught the lesson that he cannot be a standalone guy, and needs a team to work. Kingpin is more fascinating than Matt Murdock. Dex is more interesting than Kingpin. And Nadeem, as a complex hero, is more courageous than Daredevil.

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