Wednesday, 25 May, 2022


I love this show. It has some of the realest, most human characters. The hurdles that they have to navigate are very thoughtfully handled, and they never feel like they are used just as a way to drive the narrative forward, and none of the characters are thrown away like that either … there are no ciphers. It might be the best written thing produced by Amazon, and there are some great shows there. I would love for the writers of this show to turn their gaze on something purely political and take the same care with that, because they are that good at handling the complexities of a situation that in clumsier hands might come across leaden or didactic. The acting really is stellar, and the actors really inhabit the skins of the characters, and it is so engrossing that I don’t find myself speculating too much, and just rolling along experiencing what happens with the characters.

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