Monday, 23 May, 2022

TV Whitenoise: Person Of Interest

person-of-interest-season-5-poster I love this series. Before I got into it I had heard a lot about it, and as is often the way, I avoid things that attract too much hype. Why? Because seeing how something tracks after it has come out of the gates often means I don’t have to get so far in and find out I am wasting my time. Netflix and Amazon Prime do kind of remove the pain aspect of that though – you aren’t paying through the teeth for access to a thing, so if it proves to be terrible you can avoid it. Well, not that I don’t sometimes dig in deep and struggle though whatever painful crap a series throws at me – Roswell,¬†I’m looking at you. Anyway – Person Of Interest¬†doesn’t disappoint. I am waiting to see how the series resolves, but I am trusting it to be good. At some point I intend on buying the whole thing and sitting down and watching it in a single run to see what interesting shit I may have missed.

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