Monday, 23 May, 2022

Film Hick” The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman by by Fredrik Bond (2013)

Charlie_Countryman_(2013)All is forgiven Shia LaBeouf. I loved this movie. Was it perfect? No. Did it hit me right and take me where I needed to go? It surely did. Its music spoke to me, and Shia’s performance spoke to me. I kind of hate what is going on with Shia in the world at large at the moment. I don’t know the whole story, but I feel like it has been blown out of proportion. I hope he doesn’t disappear from the industry, and I hope that all his work doesn’t disappear under the weight of this negative scrutiny. This film has the poetry of a certain kind of indie movie, that tells a story in an impressionistic way, from an oblique angle, that comes in a synaesthetic blur, a whitenoise dance. Those scenes where Charlie is running through the streets, heart pumping, music blaring – they are joyful. The human touches like that conversation on the plane, they occur throughout the movie. Shia brings these touches to life – he does communicate. If you let all the hoopla drive you away from this film, fuck you. Fuck you because you are moron. If you set all that bullshit aside you will get something back. It’s worth it.

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