Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Film Hick: Compliance (2012) by Craig Zobel

Compliance_Movie_Poster.jpeg   I had thought about watching this movie quite a few times, but there was something a little odd about the description of it that made me steer clear. I am glad I watched it – it is not about a nice subject, but it is very believable and the cast do a brilliant job. That it doesn’t hit any false notes and manages to sustain the tension for as long as it does is a testament to the actors and the writing. It says it is inspired by true events, but it could have so easily been botched with an over-egged performance or sensationalism or titillation, but it maintains the perfect tone throughout. These kind of films are a lot more revealing of human beings under pressure than any kind of Hollywood thriller would be. It’s not easy viewing but my interest never flagged, and I would definitely recommend it, and it clocks in at  a fairly short 90 mins.

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