Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Looking Forward: Carrie (2013) by Kimberly Pierce

carrie Reboot is kind of a dirty word, still, at least in my house. It makes me think of something that is the art object equivalent of a photocopy, and that inspires me about as much a reheated spam fritter. Carrie reboot? The first thing I thought of was the godawful abortion that was the sequel – a thing that should never have been made. Then I see the picture of Chloe Moretz and hope raises its head, and then I find out who is attached as the director and the idea that this may bring a female perspective and something honest to the movie, and I find my opinion of the idea changing. Carrie is a great story and with the amount of time passed between that first version and this one means there is a long enough time for a whole new audience to be ripe for the the visceral and emotional punch this movie might pack.  i wait with baited breath.

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