Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Film Hick: The Switch (2010) by Josh Gordon & Will Speck

220px-Switchposter10 This is a weird premise for a comedy of errors. I don’t know if I can believe it would happen or not. Is that even relevant? The characters themselves do convince, and I can see someone like Bateman’s character getting into that kind of jam, but somewhere in there is some kind of bum note that doesn’t ring true. I kind of like the film but there is a weird puzzlement that kind of seeps in – you are not quite sure how much you like the characters. I like the actors, but that is something different. Bateman and Aniston have chemistry, and they work well together on the screen. The little kid is equally cool, and the acting smooths out some of the believability aspect, but something lingers. Perhaps it is the surrounding characters – Aniston’s boyfriend, Juliette Lewis; something about them lacks. They don’t seem important enough to warrant the screen time they are given. Whereas Goldblum would have been welcome if he had been around more. The inevitability that Aniston and Bateman will hook up demands more of the scenery as we engage in that journey, and those demands slide a little bit. I think there must have been some vital parts of this film that hit the editing room floor. I would rather have a film a little longer and not be wondering where the linking moments went to, why we only seem to be getting the key scenes. It gets a little like you are leap-frogging from one stepping stone to the next. Funny, watchable, likeable, but in the end it falls a little flat, and with two great actors like Aniston and Bateman, that is a shame.

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