Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Comicsphere: Prophet Volume 2: Brothers by Brandon Graham

17742014 Warren Ellis turned me on to Brandon Graham through his Royal Boiler site and from there I started to explore and track down as much of his work as I could find. King City was my first love, but I also really like Multiple Warheads. Prophet, with the different artists that he has one board is kind of like a supergroup turning out an acid-fuelled concept album that has the bite of punk and the heart of an acid jazz space pioneer. It reminds me of Mobius and it also makes me think of Jodorowsky with its free and easy inventiveness and hallucinatory shimmer. The thing that most strikes me about it though – and it is the thing that makes Brandon Graham’s blog such an encouraging read, is that you know that he had a whole shit ton of fun making the thing, and you know that he loves comics in general, and specifically these wonderful things that he is working on. If you haven’t discovered him you should most definitely check this book out and buy the other’s too – they are fun, they are smart, and they are full of kick-arse art and storytelling.

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