Monday, 23 May, 2022

Film Hick: Adventureland (2009) directed by Greg Mottola

Adventurelandposter I can see that when casting films some actors are picked for their versatility, for their chameleon-like prowess when it come to the taking on of the characteristics of a character or a historical figure, and then you have the other camp that are picked because the director wants a certain type. Jesse Eisenberg is a certain type – a Woody Allenesque figure who ticks certain boxes when he appears in a movie – almost to the point where his movies because they have him in them are becoming their own sub-genre. Don’t get me wrong – I like him, and I like the film, but this isn’t “The Social Network by any stretch of the imagination. Given someone with vision behind the lens even those from the second camp can shine. The other actors, I have to say it, do not do much else than tick boxes of the kinds of characters that you expect to find in this kind of film. Look, I know this all sound defiantly negative, but that isn’t the case – this was not an unpleasant way to waste some time, but neither was it a stellar piece of movie magic. It was OK, decidedly average. Passable. A smile rather than a belly laugh. You get my point. If you can be middle of the road before you hit middle age then you are going to be happy with films like this because they are unchallenging and you like slippers and cuddling and things like that. Would I recommend it? Sure, if there is nothing else that you can find on your free streaming service or red box, then give this a go. It is a straight to dvd kind of experience, and it is easy to digest.

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