Monday, 23 May, 2022

Turn The Page: Level Magazine

51 I wrote as part of this site’s Magazine Graveyard section about how much I loved this magazine. It came as a blast of fresh air in the nineties, when a lot of design was over the top, messy, and sometimes a little too cluttered for you to be able to both appreciate the design work and digest the content that they were trying to communicate to you. Level was simple and clean-cut and fucking cool and when it disappeared from my aesthetic life I was the poorer for it, and I couldn’t understand how the public could be quite so clueless when it came to recognising the genius of this publication. I also was driven into frequent despair by the Troglodytes at WH Smith who wouldn’t know where to file it or any magazine , or anything really, who probably were majorly responsible for the magazine not being found and getting into the hands of it’s readers. Well, I was just doing a search today because I wanted to add a cover to my Pinterest, and what do I find but an online incarnation of the site: – go enjoy it!

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