Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

turn the page: new from musehick publications

These six books represent a wide spread of the different periods of my writing. Loose Change And Notes was premiered exclusively on Goodreads and spawned some similar ideas which were designed specifically to utilise the formatting of a site. Faith Book used the note format of facebook and before making it into hard copy that was the only place the work was available. Onwards Delve is the last work to be compiled from work that was debuted on Editred (or Spoiled Ink as it was known back in the day when I started writing on there). Spill Stills represents the last work that was produced for the first incarnation of the Writers, Prizefighters ning community. Asides Besides was written for the Poetic Asides Poem A Day Challenge and despite none of them being even shortlisted I decided that I wanted to put them out there as a book. Last by no means least An Antediluvian Aubade has a title which dates back as far as Editred and was actually a title considered for my first collection; it contains work from Editred, work from Writer’s Cafe and work from Writers, Prizefighters. I still have older work which I consider worthy of putting out there but this latest batch of work definitely represents something of a closure. Please check them out.

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