Monday, 23 May, 2022

comicsphere: el bano (the bathroom) by pupato the wonderful haven of creativity that is whitechapel – the home of mr warren ellis and his fans, has yet again pointed me in the direction of a really intriguing, visually stunning narrative that hooked me in and dragged me along and spat me out all chewed up and happy at the other end. this is a visceral heady experience that in my head is soundtracked by death in vegas or a particularly gritty chemical brother’s song; maybe even leftfield. ah, whatthefuckever. if every single comic out there could learn to be as great at storytelling purely with the visual kineticism on display here then the world would be even more chockfull of wonderment and shinyness. go check it out – if you don’t you might be mildly retarded and should see someone about that.

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