Monday, 23 May, 2022

television whitenoise: alive day memories

I have relatives who are in the armed services and I have had friends who are in the armed services so I have always been one of those people who, even if I don’t support the war, have always supported the soldiers. Watching something like Alive Day Memories you get to see things which you might not if you are totally closed minded to the subject of the war. This show doesn’t just show the damage that the war can do, doesn’t just show the sacrifices that other people make on our behalf. What it shows is people who are rightfully proud of what they did. This was a reality check in more than one sense – there are those who have been through Iraq and have come out the other side saying they wouldn’t do the same thing if given the chance, and there are those who would. Some say it’s a pointless war, an unjust war, and while debate about that goes on it is still being fought. Nothing is easily divided into black and white simplicities. I felt for these people but you have to be inspired by them to, or rather, I felt inspired by them. I think this is an important thing for people to watch.

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