Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Comicsphere: Witchdoctor – rock, paper, scalpel comic

witchdoctor logo Click The Image Above To Go To Brandon Seifert Lukas Ketner’s page. witchdoctor panel I was privileged enough to check out the early incarnation of this latest strip from Seifert and Ketner and was somewhat remiss in not bigging it up at the time. One of the best things about being on Whitechapel, Warren Ellis‘s forum is that you sometimes get to be in on the ground floor of some of the projects that the associated creatives that hang out there start up, and to say that it is a breeding ground for brilliance seems a vast understatement. From the first time that we were introduced to Vincent Morrow it’s been a pleasure. It’s one of those discoveries where you feel like you are being gifted a new spin on something , a fresh way of framing ideas; and just sometimes you feel like you have been granted a peek into an alternate universe. That first strip, which is still available on the Witchdoctor website suggested a universe fully sprung into being, and its been great getting an insight into how it was constructed by Brandon and Lukas. But then they did the unthinkable: they went and developed it and they improved it, and here they’ve done it again. The strip, as it evolves, seems to get leaner, sharper, and fuller. The story telling flows faster, packs more in and becomes increasingly cohesive. Each time we are re-introduced to the characters it is as though they have shed a cocoon and emerged as something entirely new, yet totally maintaining the essence of what went before. OK, so I know I’m gushing, but if there isn’t a comic company out there looking at this and even getting slightly moist then I have lost my faith in humanity. Follow the links and you’ll be hooked.

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