Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Rebellious Jukebox: Michael Graves Live From Muggler’s Celtic Coffee Shop

me and michale graves Well, they say that the true test of a song is whether or not it can be played by one man with just a guitar and judging by that criteria Michale Graves knocked it out of the park. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really as au fait with his solo work as I was with his work as the lead singer of the Misfits, but I got to check some out before we went to the gig and I was looking forward to it. Some of those songs really shone in the live setting. He’d been delayed a bit, travelling in from Mississipi, so when he turned up everyone was eager for him to get on and play, including Michale himself. I’ve never liked meeting people that are big names up close and personal, but Michale was a really nice guy and even did some requests for someone who had to leave before the end of the gig. Sometimes during a gig you can find your attention wandering but there was no filler on show and there were plenty of moment s of engagement on both an intellectual level and on an emotional one. At $10 it was an absolute bargain – if you get a chance to go along and see him you should. You won’t be disappointed.

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