Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Television Whitenoise: Leverage

timothy hutton I had stated that I wanted some friction to come between the characters in this show and their goals and man did the two-parter season finale deliver. To hit the last show of a series and to to still be shaking things up shows the caliber of the show. You can see a certain amount of laziness creep in once someone is confident that they have an audience on board, but thankfully that was not true of Leverage. Hutton and crew, I hope, will have definitely benefited from having their feathers ruffled – you have to build them up to tear them down. Now Hutton’s character will be operating out of a place informed, if not by different motives, then at least with one major thing behind him – revenge for the death of his son. At points all of them have had to question why they do what they do and it is going to be interesting to see the new series, coming in the summer, to see where they take the characters given the place that this last story left them. With such a solid base one has to hope that it can only get better – no reason to suspect it shouldn’t, and the fact that I care so much about it should indicate how highly I rate show.

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