Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

Ranthead: Computer Heaven

dell inspiron 15 Well, so I wrote a whole rant about how I was in hell because my computer had died an early death – I don’t doubt that I will eventually be able to pull the data off their and after some research for a considerably smaller amount of money than I initially thought. Now it is only right that I should sing the praises of the wonderful new machine that my wife bought for me – this piece of equipment has put me back in the game as far as being able to create the things that I want when I want to, and it is already very close to the state which I wanted to personalise it to. I can hear things in the music I am listening to that I have not heard in a long time – I can have more than one program running without fear of overheating and it doesn’t sound like an asthmatic tractor. My wife is a wonderful human being and as soon as I sat down with my new computer I was served up a revelation — that I had been acting like a total brat since my other one had given up the ghost and that I needed to rectify my behaviour. I love my machine but I love my wife more  than I can express.

2 comments on “Ranthead: Computer Heaven

Hmm sleek and sexy. The computer that is, not your wife. Well, she may be, I don’t know, but that is a nice looking machine is what I was trying to say.


well, the wife is indeed very sleek and sexy and i’m sure would not be adverse to someone mentioning it 😀


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