Monday, 23 May, 2022

Checking Into A New Head

So the new year is in full swing – a new President in the Whitehouse, my birthday on the morrow, and a brand new home dedicated to the culling of the skull. I have to thank my wife for sitting there and helping me getting this thing up and running – the five minute install that WordPress talk about lasted a significant amount of time longer. So what do we have planned for the future? More of the same and maybe some new things too – the kind of stuff that garnered us over 99,000 hits on the WordPress hosted site. So that will mean music, art, literature, film; basically anything of cultural interest that comes to our notice. Anyone out there that has any interesting news can contact me via and if it is of interest we will definitely feature it.

One comment on “Checking Into A New Head

Happy new year to you both and happy birthday eve, Paul. The site’s looking good–keep it up!


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