Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Comicsphere: Freakangels Friday Fury

freakangels fury
freakangels fury
Last week the gun was fired — this week the projectiles hit their target. You know what the first thought was that popped into my head? Too damned easy. And a full on frontal assault against a group like the Freakangels? I know the New Cross crew and Mudlarks are being sold as perhaps not being as bright as the Freakangels and their community but one of them already managed to perform a sneak attack on Jack, no matter how unsuccessful that turned out. All is not as it seems — and the idea that pride comes before a fall has been ticking through my head. What’s the big thing we have all been waiting for? The return of the rogue Freakangel Mark, the answer to what part did the Freakangels have in the end of the world and why did they do it? I suspect New Cross and the Mudlarks are as much of a diversion for the reader as they are for the Freakangels. People on the Whitechapel forum attached to Freakangels have been pondering the missing sixth boat from the first week — who was on it? And why use guns if you are Freakangels and you have enough psychic power to end the world? Because you don’t consider the current threat a large enough problem? The resolution to this week was kind of satisfying on one level but seems way too simple. And as someone pointed out there is one other Freakangels who is, as yet, unaccounted for. The art, as always, is amazing — Duffield shifting up through the gears with a fluid action. I think reading between the lines one should not be only considering what we have seen thus far but what it is that is being held back — the ride just keeps getting better.

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