Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

comicsphere: freakangels friday

When the true crescendo comes in this first arc it is going to be interesting to see how the characters bring what we have seen of each of their personalities to bear on the situation. We saw how handy Jack was with a knife last week, we saw Sirkka and KK purge Alice, we saw some of Arkady’s powers used on Luke, an Luke was also the catalyst for Kirk to demonstrate his brawling skills. I think everyone knows/suspects that this is nowhere near what a Freakangels operating at full power is capable of. Stories work almost like a reverse earthquake with shockwaves from the final event moving backwards through the timeline of the story and causing ripples … what? Beforeshocks? What force on the Richter Scale will we see when the Freakangels and their enemies collide? And still something is there that says — these aren’t the big enemy, the mysterious Mark isn’t the big enemy; these are not the reason that the Freakangels had to end the world. To see the flair for kineticism that Duffield has displayed already at use in full on action is going to be a wonderful thing to see — to see the Freakangels revealed in all the glory is going to be magnificent. But one has to bear in mind that this story has long life ahead of it — that whatever happens with this arc there is more to come after; that we will get taken deeper into the world of the Freakangels. Given the subtlety of the storytelling, the careful moving around and revealing of the characters you should know this isn’t going to be what you think it is — that Ellis will wrongfoot you. Are these the armies Mark was threatening to send? Could it be that simple? Of course it could. The anticipation is there, this story has compelling narrative and is very character driven, it could go anywhere and often does. Fuck, I am running out of superlatives — we are 21 weeks into this and I am loving it more each time. An important skilfully told, beautifully illustrated story.

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