Monday, 23 May, 2022

Comicsphere: Mister Crimson by Diego Tripodi

mister crimson
mister crimson
Scouting around my flickr contact’s lists I happened across this character Mister Crimson and followed him here. He is an interesting character described thusly by his creator:
Mister Crimson is the story of a pulp-era superhero that has been abducted through time. Taken from the 1930s, and sent 200 years into the future he is forced to take up fisticuffs against a rebellion that hopes to overthrow the city’s leaders. Mister Crimson is used to scraping his knuckles on shifty criminal types– but here, he is forced to take on mutants and cyborgs who have powers that match his own. But Crimson was selected for this task specifically. His futuristic handlers know that in a word, he is unbreakable.
Visually and at it’s heart it reminded me of Will Eisner’s The Spirit and it also felt like it had a bit of the Midnighter thrown in there to. It has a nice aesthetic and it will be interesting to see where the story takes the character — all the props are in place and I can’t wait to see how Tripodi moves them around.

One comment on “Comicsphere: Mister Crimson by Diego Tripodi

Alright Mr Grimsley. I am getting this comic thing tied up with your wicked good short stories now how about tying the two together. can’t be that hard to find a graphic artiist with the amount of time, profiles, social netwroking skills at al on hand. The quesion is convincing one that he or she needs to give up his or her own ideas of being the scriptwirter and believe in yours to do what? exactly. answer, hook em up to an audience better than their writing could do, ie apply the traiditional skills of the writer to the already, shakespeare, milton, everybloody bastard who picked up a pen, then where are you gonna put these masterpieces so I can throw a bloody link, which is after all, the primary currency of the interweb for broke busted out old hardtimers like you and me,
that is to say, reggae on Grimsley and crew, nicehatforafridaynightlinkyhandshakethingy,


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