Monday, 06 December, 2021

Comicsphere: Jamie McKelvie

suburban-glamour-3petshop-boys I think as much as anything that Jamie McKelvie writes it is his design work which I find so fascinating and compelling — it is not something that everyone who puts comics together pays much attention to. I think it is something that is in a state of improvement but there are not many who seem as capable of pulling it off as McKelvie. This is in no way of course to detract from his writing which I really enjoy. No, I just wish to throw a spotlight on his design work. And the nice thing is that these pictures work as well outside of the context of a comic as they do within it. More and more those stupid boundaries that some seek to instil between different types of art is eroded by people like McKelvie that have more than enough ammunition to shoot down the assinine assertions of snobby art critics who spend far too long with their heads planted firmly up their own arses to see what is really going on in the world. The people who create art now don’t all work in the same mediums; don’t work in the mediums of yesteryear. And why should they? Why should someone limit themselves to working in one medium or another? Most of us, or a lot of us, are the bastardised product of an education that pushes high culture and a popular culture that pushes the so-called low culture. People like McKelvie are the only ones that are relevant — the people who have managed to surf the riptide that cuts between the two ideas are the ones who have managed to survive — the ones who have managed to escape these decrepit notions and become important. Go check him out

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