Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Take Art: Casey Weldon

Casey was born August 27th, 1979, in beautiful Long Beach California. He spent his childhood in the then undeveloped eucalyptus groves of Yorba Linda and the labyrinth hills of Valencia, skinning knees, capturing flags, and drawing comic books.

After a hazy stint in high school, he went on to study at the Art Center College of Design where he graduated with honors in 2004.

He moved to Las Vegas, which was great. If you haven’t been there, I highly reccomend it. He had some shows, made some friends and met a girl.

He now lives in Brooklyn, NY with said girl.

That’s the blurb about the artist from his site but I think you can already tell just from looking at the above images that this information is going to tell you diddly squat about his art. What is going to tell you about his art? Looking at it of course. It is beautiful and it is visceral — hooking up parts of your head that never usually get near each other in an emotion that sometimes combines nostalgia with that edgy sense of seeing something you’re not quite ready to see. McNipple fucked with my head and it still does, but like all of Weldon’s work it has you sitting there going: that is fucking amazing and if I were to paint a picture about that subject then that’s how I would want it to look. I am full of admiration. For paintings that seems to have been born concept first and then followed through in the execution to seem so fresh, to appear to have been one fluid moment from thought to final product, is a real testament to the artist. I know the process was probably nowhere near as smooth but that it appears like it could have been is a wonderful thing.

Please check this artist out and get your head and heart screwed with

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