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Cool, great covers. I’ve been thinking of Luluing lately but I read the average number of copies sold of a Lulu is 1.8. I could probably do better than that but I’m concerned about the impact in terms of getting a mainstream publisher as well. Any tips? How are yours going?


Mainstream . . . ew. I can’t see anything intellectual going through a mainstream publisher, it just isn’t what they’re looking for.

I suppose if you are regurgitating some made for TV movie type drama then you are in. I much prefer the indie front as far as publishing goes.

So many reasons to go indie. Total freedom of content! Artistic freedom with the covers and with everything else. You can make a book that people will buy just because they want that awesome piece of art sitting on their coffee table.

I can’t see any true artist, true to originality and the evolution of idea saying something like “mainstream publisher.”

I’ve seen bands get famous using youtube and myspace as advertisers. Indie film and music are a part of popular culture, why won’t people let go and embrace indie publishing already?

is it not true that when you go to the big bookstores and look through the aisles that there is only a small percentage of that vast majority of printed material that you’d purchase anyway?

The freaking sports section is bigger than the literary section at one of the major bookstores here!

No one wants to work for anything anymore. News Flash: The old way is dead! Come around to the now – – support independent publishing!

eventually if it is worth it all things that have been indie before have made it into the mainstream. Just look at the music and movies that started out indie.

buy the books – – just buy the damn books!


Well that’s all true. Most of what’s getting published is crap. So now I only have my own laziness to battle. Rage on, see you out there.


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