Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

Friday For Freakangels

It’s kind of weird, I woke up expecting an interlude for Freakangels and that was exactly what I got. A chance to read back through stuff and re-cap. It’s such an easy read, and who can begrudge Ellis and Duffield a breather when they are turning out work of this quality? The interludes are possessed of a charm that is obviously Ellis’s very own but seems somehow integral to the tale of Freakangels too — that these brief textual forays into the thought processes of the write should be there. People love the backmatter that Ellis includes with his other tales — why? Because it gives insight into the creative process which in Mr Ellis seems to be firing all the time and generally turning out real gems; revitalising ideas people had thought dead and buried a long time ago. Look at Whitechapel, the forum built around Freakangels, or, the Doktor Sleepless spin-off, and you can see how fruitful it is to surround yourself with creative people. Avatar seem to really understand how to create an environment that is conducive to their artists producing their very best work. Freakangels, as I have said before in these regular pieces I write on the series is already an important work.

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