Thursday, 30 June, 2022

Rebellious Jukebox: Bjork

bjork Goddamn, what to say? One of the most innovative people in music. She truly embodies the spirit of what all musicians should be seeking to do. Even if you don’t like the music or can’t get with the beats, then you have to get with the ethos behind it all. To keep moving forward, to keep it interesting, to keep it fun and to do it all with flair, great taste and eye for the future. If you could cut some of Bjork’s musical DNA in with some of the bland crap, the re-tread, re-package bullshit that we have to put up with daily then even diluted there’d be enough spark from her to buoy it up. She hasn’t put a bad album out. She has put difficult albums out maybe — albums that maybe stretch your sonic tolerance on an initial listen but she is about learning, about tasting new things. Bjork is full of life. I sometimes get frustrated and, having read a few interviews with her it seems something that irritates her, that she gets passed off as the kooky Icelandic pixie. How can people be so fucking clueless? How can they fail to see that they have someone of true importance in a creative sense in their presence. For someone to pull of being at the so-called bleeding edge, even a few steps ahead of it, and to still be listenable — to be possessed of such an innate joyfulness is something that Bjork makes look so easy, but which you know is going to have to take one hell of a lot of work. Perhaps people don’t realise how involved she is in the construction of her music — I suppose singers often aren’t, but seriously — as well as hunting out and buying everything you can by her, try and check out some of the interviews: they are illuminating. Bjork: one of a kind.

One comment on “Rebellious Jukebox: Bjork

I have been a fan since her Sugarcubes days, but I’ll admit that I am a few albums behind at this point.

Albums You Should Hear podcast reviewed Post last month and coupled with your blog post now I have to get caught up…



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