Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Take Art: Ziga Sparovec

gunman by ziga sparovecsuit To complete the trilogy of talented artists from Whitechapel that I wanted to draw people’s attention to comes Zira Sparovec. I have had the pleasure, as have the other members of Warren Ellis’s extended online community, to see some of the process involved in creating these two particular pieces. they are the tip of the iceberg of cool that is Ziga’s sketchbook work and other art. When you consider some of the current hot artists in the comic world and the fact that they started on earlier sites that Ellis ran you have to look at the current batch of creative people hanging out there and wonder where they will be in a few years. Ziga is definitely someone to watch.

One comment on “Take Art: Ziga Sparovec

Ha, that’s what I get for only being vain enough to google my own name once every few years. Never knew that someone did a write-up about me, but thanks a lot for the kind words.


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