Monday, 23 May, 2022

Take Art: Mike Padilla

ignorance by mike padillaobsolete absolute by mike padillasalem justice by mike padilla the (r)evolution of modern expression: it is a phrase that captures so much of the spirit of mike’s work, whether it is his art or his writing. the pieces are alive with process, with thought, with meaning — like the best art they don’t remain a fixed idea from one viewing to the next — and truly that does apply to both the paintings and the poetry. the energy leaps off the screen at you, sears your mind. these works once viewed or read are destined to be remembered and who can ask for more than that?

One comment on “Take Art: Mike Padilla

I totally agree with this one. Everyone should check him out. He’s got a book coming out soon with art and writings, etc. I’ll have to get on his ass about putting up a calendar on there so people can find out when he’s doing what and where.

Definitely one to keep your eyes out for.


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