Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Comicsphere: Freakangels Friday: Interlude

So, today there was something a little different being offered in stead of the Freakangels webcomic which is on a one week hiatus. Today Warren Ellis offers us some thoughts on his preoccupations with disaster fiction and the very British influences which have filtered into the story which we are logging on every week to read. It comes in the thirteenth week, which struck me as interesting and may prove to be so. A breather before something big happens next week? A chance to re-cap? Or just a much needed break in the work schedule as is said? Probably or rather possibly all three. Anyone who follows Mr Ellis, and there are a fair few of them out there, will know that he has a pretty punishing work schedule — one he seems to constantly be working hard to make even more laden down with work. If there is one writer out there who you can see indisputable evidence of a work ethic with it’s Warren Ellis. And of course Mr Duffield is turning out six pages of the best looking comic I have seen for an age every week. That art work zings — it is alive, has slipped out of the two dimensional realm. This is like not seeing a friend for a week and not being able to phone them — I miss the characters and the world. I appreciate the musings though, as stated — Ellis is always readable; always makes you think. I am catching up on years of online archives I never really had access to until now — there is a lot of it. Who knows, the interlude could be the perfect touchstone for someone to enter the story through? If I read it I’d want to see where the thought processes outlined there came to fruition, but then I’m a curious one.

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