Monday, 06 December, 2021

search engine weirdness

it’s odd, when i first started writing under the skull cull logo it seems that the search engine terms that dragged people to this page were somewhat weirder. perhaps the more content you get the better quality of surfer gets directed at you? like internet karma or some such bullshit. i don’t think that can be true because i am sure there are people who write genius stuff that purely attracts the kind of nutter you find jacking off in full view of the rest newsagent’s customers. i like that people are starting to comment on things and that i seem to be hitting the right note with the pieces that i am writing. i don’t know if the flavour of my blogging has changed drastically since i started it all of two years ago — but if you are even vaguely interested there are some of my first ever attempts at blogging now nestled in the archives of this site; shipped over from the depths of my unexplored account which i have now dismantled. i have yet to receive any emails to the email address i set up which you can find on the left hand side of your screen, but that may be partly to do with the choice of font and colour for the little text box announcing it. i suppose part of me is thinking if you find it you find it — you will be like one of those seeker knights that found some kind of grail and ended up feeling slightly ripped off when you realised what it actually represented. oh well, i hopefully give you enough of the good stuff for one squeaky wheel not to derail the whole show. —————- Now playing: Blind Melon – Time via FoxyTunes

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