Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Ranthead: Au Revoir April Fools

a whole day swamped with the efforts of stupid people with unfunny jokes. i never did like the kind of pranks that april fools tend to plump for, and seriously, the guys who push the whole agenda of that dumbass day are the april fools. at least i suppose it is not as commercialised as some of the other days that tradition says we must mark. i wonder if the suicide rate leaps on april fool’s day the same as it does on almost every other “special day”. now there’s a cheery thought for you, eh? how many people, got at by people who feel they have a licence to be arseholes, find it to be the last straw and just go and jump off a bridge? not so funny now, eh? i know, what a party pooper, eh? if this were a day late april fools joke you would all be sitting there and pointing at me like a group of lobotomised hyenas calling me an april fool. dumb. thank god the day of dumb has passed — a whole year for the dipshits to stock up on inanery again — as much as their feeble brains can contain. it leaks throughout the year, but it positively gushes on april 1st. bonjour april showers — what a crap month you are. —————- Now playing: Kristin Hersh – Teeth via FoxyTunes

One comment on “Ranthead: Au Revoir April Fools


I am always the sucker that falls for the jokes because the day means nothing to me. I like telling jokes, not playing them. Trust, you are not alone in your April Fools hateration.



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