Monday, 23 May, 2022

Rebellious Jukebox: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

yeah yeah yeahs I’ve loved everything that they have ever put out, but that first EP was the bollocks. Bang was the explosive creature you would expect it to be and has to be one of the best put-down songs ever  recorded — who the hell would want to be on the end of that? Mystery Girl gives a nod to the New York Dolls but is resolutely it’s own creature. Art Star punctures the pretension that comes as part and parcel of that world. Miles Away is a song that drives along at a break-neck speed and finally we have Our Time which wraps it all up nicely. The impact that the album Fever To Tell had seemed lesser, and you have to wonder if it was because it didn’t possess the shock of the new — don’t get me wrong it is a great album but it didn’t seem as instant as the EP. I think they are one of the most interesting bands out there at the moment and the definitely ditched their associations with the scene that journalists everywhere tried to force them into — all those other New York art bands. Geography does not always a scene make; in fact that it often very lazy thinking that helps no one at all. If they keep pushing to do something new, which seems to be the philosophy they are embracing, then at least if they stumble they will do it in an interesting way. Gold Lion definitely avoids the pitfalls of sophomore jinx and there is no reason why they can’t keep going from strength to strength. —————- Now playing: R.E.M. – Exhuming McCarthy via FoxyTunes

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