Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Comicsphere: Freakangels Episode 7

freakangels 7 This week a lot of the geographical world seemed to hang together more in a visual sense than just a notional one. We got to meet another of the Freakangels: Kirk. The story-telling thus far in both the art and the narrative has a real charm to it — it wraps you up and envelopes you in the world, so when it starts to notch up a gear action-wise, which judging by the pacing may not be that soon and may not take the form many might expect, we are going to be in love with the characters and it will have a real emotional impact. I am there every week and will be for as long as it is being put out: which is Avatar and Ellis’s hopes for the series pay off, (and why shouldn’t they?) is going to be a long time. —————- Now playing: Faith No More – RV via FoxyTunes

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