Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Culture Vulture: Duckman

duckman Buried in the schedule somewhere on BBC 2, I don’t know anyone who remembers this weird little piece of animation. I seem to remember seeing two series (I should wiki that maybe). Anyway — it was one of those cartoons that loosely used the sit-com as a platform from which to launch increasingly bizarre adventures centred around the character of Duckman and his strange family. You can tell just from looking at the picture above that he was one of those nervous Woody Allen type characters — neurotic and prone to flights of fancy and slightly nerdish or should that be nebbish? Probably why he appealed to nerds like me — the Frasier contingent ( and that is not such an arbitrary comparison, though it maybe had more in common with Seinfeld). It will probably never be rediscovered; I don’t know that it was groundbreaking in the way that Ren & Stimpy was — in fact it seems, looking back at it, that it was something which you spotted influences in, rather than something that was bound to influence. But, in and of itself, it is definitely worth a watch. (Wow, that was meant to sound like more of a heart-felt recommendation than it came out as). —————- Now playing: R.E.M. – Airportman via FoxyTunes

One comment on “Culture Vulture: Duckman

There were 5 seasons of Duckman, all of them brilliant. I’ll always think of Jason Alexander as Eric T. Duckman rather than as George Costanza.


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