Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

Rebellious Jukebox: R.E.M. Accelerate

accelerate R.E.M. today premiered their new album on iLike and goddamn if it isn’t fucking brilliant. I was, to put it mildly, underwhelmed by Around The Sun and I had stupidly expected to never be disappointed by one of their albums. On a first listen this is my favourite of theirs since Up and I think Mr Richards is leading on my favourite tracks at the moment. I think this album has something of Monster about it but that could just be that it sounds rockier than the last three albums. It should be a great album to play live and I am looking forward to the round of interviews that are bound to be coming up. It is a bit of shame that questions around Stipe’s sexuality seem to be taking the fore when what should really be concerning everyone is that this is an excitingly fresh sounding album that testifies to a band on top form both musically and lyrically. I can’t wait to pick up a copy! —————- Now playing: R.E.M. – What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? via FoxyTunes

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