Monday, 15 August, 2022

Rebellious Jukebox: Amy Winehouse

amy winehouse I want to come out in support of Amy Winehouse. She is rock and roll. The naysayers? A bunch of cunts — seriously, an absolute, twenty-four carat guaranteed group of chuff-boxes. From the opening track of her first album through to the closing bars of her second album you know she is the real deal — a fucking singer that can sing; someone who is not echoplexed to within an inch of her life; someone who has real soul; not someone who has to change their hair colour to seem interesting (Joss Stone take note).  Oh, so she has attitude? The very thing that you celebrated her for it now becomes convenient to pull her apart for? It is the way of the modern world and it is sad. You wouldn’t mind so much if you knew that people were pointing the finger and saying look at her problems because they were concerned that she was going to end up in a bad way, but no. People want her to fuck up — what else do you do when your reality shows are off-season? Again I’ll say it: she has a great voice; the lyrics are great. I can’t bring to mind anything that struck me as filler on the albums. There is versatility too — listen to the first track Rehab off  Back To Black and then listen to the rest of the album and then tell me that this girl’s ability is not rounded. She doesn’t behave like a diva should behave apparently — well, thank christ for that — who the fuck wants to be the musical equivalent of tofu (namely celine dion and mariah carey)? I seem to remember the less talented but still listenable Lily Allen bringing out the same lover / hater thing in people. It seems like some kind of weird Eliza Doolittle dynamic — like they’re raised up by their public, should be what their public wants, but anytime it suits them they’ll remind them where they come from. What a load of bullshit. Fuck it and fuck them. Heres to Amy and a small nod to Lily. (Shit, like they ever needed anyone to fight their corner).

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