Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Rebellious Jukebox: Blind Melon

blind melon How big might Blind Melon have become if Shannon Hoon their frontman hadn’t died? Change group name and change singer name and it seems you have to ask this question too much. I feel like I got in on the ground floor when I discovered them through Hoon’s presence in a couple of Gun’s ‘N ‘ Roses videos, but someone will probably tell me I am a latecomer. Oh well. Shit, why do we feel the need to establish that kind of precedence over others? Because we want to be cooler than the next blogging geek. Gah. And anyway, moving on … You put on a Blind Melon record and you feel good — it seems like they are dipped in sunshine. They are full of energy and there are some great lyrics — that first album never flags. The second album was great, and different. The third album Nico manages to overcome the air of sadness that all post-humous releases have. They aren’t really like any of their contemporaries either — they bear little resemblance to G’N’R. Who would you group them with? Because people like to do that, you know? No one, really — I think they are a standalone idea and I think that is the secret of their staying power. There will never be an industry around the band like there is around Alice In Chains or Nirvana, but I am sure there is still healthy interest out there, and if the records remain available there is no reason people shouldn’t have the pleasure of discovering Blind Melon for many years to come. —————- Now playing: Blind Melon – I Wonder via FoxyTunes

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