Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Comicsphere: Dilbert

dilbert I don’t know if this just me but Dilbert is starting to feel like a fizzy drink that has been left out to go flat? I used to get the joke — do I still have to be an office worker to get the humour? Do I have to be having my soul crushed by a pointy haired boss on a daily basis to get a giggle from the office everyman? I hope not. I own a lot of Dilbert books and I think I could read those over and over — constantly finding them funny. So what happened? Is Scott Adams going through a rough patch? Did I lose my sense of humour — I’m sure I laughed recently. Will Catbert be sent to despatch me for using this cartoon in a disparaging blog? Is the above funny (I mean the strip)? —————- Now playing: Bjork – Violently Happy via FoxyTunes

One comment on “Comicsphere: Dilbert

Well, I’m with you – I definitely missed the humor here. I suppose he could be having an off day – or???? I don’t think there is an or, it’s not funny.


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