Monday, 06 December, 2021

Television Whitenoise: Eerie Indiana

eerie indiana You could maybe say that it was the kid’s version of Twin Peaks but that wouldn’t really be true; it wasn’t that serious. Maybe it had something of Northern Exposure about it. Or you could just drop the comparisons and hold it in high esteem based on the merits of a show packed with ideas; one of those kids shows that it seems shameful to put such a limiting label as kid’s show on it. It revolves around Marshall Teller who has just moved to the town and his discovery of a number of strange things including bigfoot and an undead elvis to name a few. It didn’t last long and there was never really anything like that came out since — or at least not aimed at the same age group. It was a great place to hang out for a while and a place you can revisit thanks to the whole series being available on DVD. —————- Now playing: Toad the Wet Sprocket – Little Heaven via FoxyTunes

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