Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Comicsphere: Friday Freakangels Five

FreakĀ Angels This story gets better and better — the characters already seem to possess so much soul. I remember how by the end of Transmetropolitan, or rather from the beginning, you felt Spider’s reality: it is the same here. Thus far the story-telling has that quality of being deceptively simple but you can perceive the cogs that are ratcheting through their movements behind the scene. No one commented on my observation of the 23/17 phenomenon either here on the forum so I will just have to wait and see like everyone else. So much of what is occurring in this story sees to be of a perceptual nature, as I suppose is the way of the world. Ellis is really creating something that feels different to his previous work and it is a joy to watch it unfold — I think the format well serve as a great ally for this comic; those six pages are being digested and pored over in a way that perhaps they wouldn’t be if they were released in the normal monthly format. The art by Paul Duffield is exquisite and I think perhaps the best quality of it is the way he captures light. For some reason I was reminded of that light in Mike Leigh films today; perhaps that has something to do with the bedsit sitting, but I don’t think so. The art is very evocative — a real pleasure to look at. As with the other people reading this I am really looking forward to owning a hard copy of the story. It occupies space, it has soul — it beats at the heart of Fridays. —————- Now playing: The Cult – Rider In The Snow via FoxyTunes

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