Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Television Whitenoise: Wild Palms

wild palms I would have to watch it again but I think that this series was much better than it was ever  given credit for. It was directed by Kathryn Bigelow which is pretty much a guarantee of it being worth watching and Oliver Stone had a pretty major role producing. In fact one of the scenes which sticks firmly in my head was a mock interview with Stone where the interviewer was asking him how he felt about being proved right in his JFK theories. I think at the time that anything vaguely weird inevitably came up against the Twin Peaks comparison and more often than not suffered because of it. This fell into that trap but it was trying to do something completely different — breeding programs, mind control, addicition — it touched on some interesting ideas and the special effects from what I remember were seamless. I am not sure it has a cult following but it is something that should pick up a small legion of devoted fans because there is much here to like — as I said there are some great people attached behind the scenes and looking at the DVD cover above you can see that there are just as many reasons on screen to keep you watching. Another problem the show suffered at the time was something to do with scheduling and this resulted in it being presented in a format that was not best suited to it — being on DVD it is free of those constraints and worries. So pop the DVD in the player and sit back and enjoy. —————- Now playing: Primal Scream – Keep Your Dreams via FoxyTunes

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