television whitenoise: wacky races

wacky races I suppose as a child I was pretty lucky in that my dad’s taste in programmes pretty much matched mine and my brothers — he was into all the sci-fi stuff and the cartoons (he still plays with lego for chrissakes). Anyway — to the point, as if it is important and in any way vaguely interesting — Wacky Races was a classic. Dick Dastardly and Mutley, the Anthill Mob and Penelope Pitstop and the various others were a staple part of my viewing diet. Now I just watched it reframed for the kids of today with Dexter as the lead. I like Dexter’s Laboratory, but I like it because it is its own thing — here they go trying to shoehorn one idea into another one, and why? A lack of their own ideas? A way to capitalise on an established franchise, or nostalgia? Same old same old. OR to be having thoughts like this have I crossed that threshold where I have truly become old? I don’t think the latter is true — it’s not as if I am desperately hanging onto some notion of youth. The original cartoon worked because they were each individuals and they were only trying to be themselves; they weren’t trying to fill someone else’s shoes. Oh well, let them have their crap cartoon — I can get mine on DVD if I so desperately need to watch it. —————- Now playing: The Fall – Pay Your Rates via FoxyTunes

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