Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

film hick: hardy men?

hardy┬ámen in the same way that i got a distinct look of having had shit on a stick waved under my nose when i heard about the new star trek movie, today i got that feeling when i heard about the hardy men. nostalgia is coming to kick me in the nuts today — first of all we get some bastardised modern version of wacky races, then someone goes and takes the hardy boys which i used to really enjoy reading and turns it into some reimagined, post-modern piece of ironic pap. course it could be good, but fuck man, pre-chewed food makes me sick. why is hollywood getting more and more like a colostomy bag that they have punctured just to watch the shit flow out? —————- Now playing: The Fall – Fortress/Deer Park via FoxyTunes

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