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Comicsphere: Revere 2000ad

revere This was an amazing story that ran in the 2000ad comic. It was written by John Smith and featured some wonderful artwork by Simon Harrison. It appears, since it was reprinted in Extreme Edition #20 that people on the forums consider it to be something of an acquired taste. Some people have a problem with the writing and others have a problem with the art. It is one of those things where is you fall for it you fall for it deeply. I fell for it. Revere is a witch-boy from London and this is his journey. There were so many wonderful touches and the lyrical storytelling had me hooked from the first page. At some point I became disenchanted with the magazine as a whole and stopped buying it — as a result I missed the last concluding part. Through traveling I managed to miss it’s re-issue in the Extreme Edition format. So, this, as well as celebrating the piece, is a call for any fellow travelers in cyberspace who might be able to help — if you can help me get my hands on a copy I would be eternally grateful. —————- Now playing: Gus Gus – Polyesterday via FoxyTunes

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I just reread Revere Book One this afternoon for the first time in some years. It is bloody brilliant. I think at the time of it’s original release it just stunned everyone with Harrison’ s artwork and lost many of the readers with it’s plot but that’s a shame because it was really a divergent story from the usual offerings of 2000AD in the earliy nineties.

I was so taken by my reread that I went looking for some good Revere artwork for my wallpaper, I didn’t find any but I did find your great post.

Nice work, I’m pleased to have found a fellow fan. On my own blog I have a thread titled Future Shock (see what I did there?) dedicated to comic reviews and the like. I’m likely going to have to revise my Top 30 Graphic Novels list to include Revere… and Indigo Prime Killing Time which ran at around the same time.



I was a fanatic 2000ad reader in the early 90s and Revere stands out as one of the best of the best. The writing and the art both blew me away at the time and I’d love to find it in a graphic novel somehow.


revere was fucking brilliant, i stopped reading 2000ad when this finished, this for me was the high water mark of the comic. has it been turned into a graphic novel?. 2000ad is a load of crap now, it looks just like all the other shitty crap being done in america, britain used to have the best comics in the world, what do we have now, nothing!!!!!!!


I loved revere…i’ve been a 2000ad reader since the early 80s but at the time revere appeared the artwork was moving to another level…Simon Harrisons artwork is like marmite…you either love it or hate it…I happen to be a massive fan…though a lot of 2000ad readers would disagree with me…he had a lot of abuse aimed at him for his portrayal of Johnny Alpha which was unwarranted…personally I think he is brilliant and one of the most inventive artist that 2000ad has ever had.


Has anyone found anything else by Harrison out there? He did a short black and white series in a warhammer comic, but I’ve never found anything else, either in comics or fine art websites? What happened – did he die, or give art up for a stable job? Is he working in a bank somewhere?


he has actually given up drawing for comics to pursue a career in fine art


Simon Harrison had a book out a few years back- ‘kung fu for girls’ or something?


I do not have all the issues to read ‘finders edge’ completely; as you might imagine this is very upsetting. I am, and always have been, completely captivated by Simon Harrisons artwork. Same as Ian below, can find any of his artwork online, which is even more upsetting.
I will find the remaining editions!


Can I get a copy of revere book one anywhere? Anything? I just want to read and see those beautiful pictures again once more!


Revere is my favourite 2000AD character ever… This story never gets old…


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