Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Comicsphere: ed brubaker’s deadenders

deadenders It seems like such a long time since I used to buy comics on a monthly basis but this was one that I absolutely had to have. I think the thing that may have first attracted me, and I may get slapped for saying this, is that the art resembled Jamie Hewlett. I like the look of it for other reasons too — there aren’t many post-apocalyptic series out there with Mods in it. The title was a great hook, as was the logo design — in fact the whole layout of the thing was a real draw. It always sits there in my mind as something that never got a fair crack of the whip. It should have run and run and it puzzled me when I went to my comic shop and suddenly my fix was not there. They haven’t even collected the whole thing in a trade yet, which is just criminal; perhaps this will be rectified as Brubaker’s stock seems to rise exponentially. It is one of those secrets you are glad you shared. —————- Now playing: Gus Gus – Very Important People via FoxyTunes

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