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Turn The Page: a suite of desolate elegance by paul grimsley

a suite of desolate elegance the blurb:

a suite of desolate elegance, the first collected works of Paul Grimsley, contains a mixture of free verse and rhythmic modern poetry. with 45 poems that examine what it is to be human and vulnerable; the eye of the I speaking in a universal voice. this is a challenging and lyrical collection.

what others had to say:

Claire Boylan : Paul Grimsley’s style is both original and entertaining, and this book is an undiluted display of his poetic skill. Observational, fast-paced and cynical, he covers a variety of topics in voices that range from funny to disturbing. The strength of this collection revolves around Paul’s ability to casually mould rhyme, flow and his mastery of language into a powerful piece of poetry.

Bebe Balmer: “If you buy 1 poetry book, let it be this one. I dip in and out, whatever my mood I find pieces that give me what I am searching for. I can’t put this book down though, until I have re read Broken, for me an award winner. There are many but for me that stops me in my tracks every time. This is modern poetry, in a modern voice, about living today. Paul is a poet with a voice that should be heard. A suite of desolate elegance is just that. You will not be disappointed.”

Barry Edwards: “Desolate elegance and elegant writing. This book is full of cutting edge modern poetry at it’s best. Paul Grimsley has a vocabulary and is not afraid to use it but the poems remain fully accesible to any reader, covering tons of different subjects all from the keenly observational eye of an exceptional new writer. Would not hesitate in recommending this book to anyone.”
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